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American Management & Administration Corp (AMAC) is a private for-profit corporation whose principal line of business has been the administration of public housing projects under contract with the Puerto Rico Public Housing Authority (PRPHA) since it was incorporated in the year 1995; and the development and administration of various real estate projects owned, or partially owned, by affiliate companies. It currently employs a total of 420 dedicated employees who share two main goals in common: to provide outstanding service to the housing projects under our watch, and to contribute to the social transformation of our communities.

When you take talented individuals with great experience in different functional areas and put them together, while promoting their decision-making authority, collaboration, and sharing a common goal, they become an extraordinary management team. We have been able to assemble an extraordinary team of dedicated professionals who have amassed over 309 years of collective PRPHA experience. Our Key Personnel provides leadership, coaching, motivation, supervision, and technical support to the project staff. Effective leadership requires: integrity, open and continuous communication, a clear chain of command, the precise definition of responsibilities and obligations, and the ability to provide those under their supervision the necessary tools for achieving the goals of their duties.

AMAC has developed an organizational structure for Non-Project Based and Project Based Operations that promotes a realistic and dynamic approach that enables a functional workflow, while focusing on the effectiveness of the projects day-to-day operations and services performance.

For AMAC, leadership development is fundamental in assuring performance and effectiveness in the organization. The traditional pyramid structure is no longer applicable. Since multiple layers of reporting between Non-Project Based and Project-Based positions usually means that it often delays the decision-making process necessary to have procedures approved, changed or implemented, amongst other things. As a result of the “bureaucracy” imposed by traditional decision-making models, employees who are Project-Based often hesitate to express their views to their superiors, even worst they resist making decisions in which time is fundamental.

AMAC understands that if Project Based are empowered and given closer support, supervision, leadership, coaching, motivation, development and effective guidance from the management staff, a smooth operation with increased level of job performance and the desired results will be achieved. Thus we have created a model that allows project based employees to make on site decisions in certain cases.

AMAC’s organizational concept calls for the Project-Based operations to report directly to the Operations and Maintenance Director (Key Staff Position). Once an Area or Project Manager encounters a problem or situation, which can’t be handled at the project base level, it’s reported directly to the aforementioned officer who will in turn communicate and coordinate effectively with other members of the key staff to ensure the proper technical support and guidance is given to quickly overcome the challenges faced and provide solutions in a timely manner.

Regional Manager positions are conceived to overview the progress of the work being conducted by project managers in their sub-areas and to assist them with the administration efforts of their projects. AMAC has developed this model by grouping together a number of projects by regions with similar characteristics and/or considering their geographically distance. These positions are filled with highly experienced professionals that meet the same qualification criteria to be taken into consideration for General Managers or Operational Directors in any other managing company.

It will be the responsibility of every Director to make sure that all monthly reports required for their department are submitted, that they have been prepared accurately and on time, and that they comply with HUD and PRPHA’s regulations.

The Accounting Director, Engineer Director, Occupancy Director, Community Services Director and Information Technology Director will work hand-in hand with the Operations and Maintenance Director, and Regional Managers, providing guidelines and work plans for their respective scope of work. Simultaneously, Vice-presidents and Directors will monitor and ensure, through periodical visits to the projects, the compliance with all laws, rules and regulations of HUD and PRPHA related to their department.

To ensure effective communication, supervision, and operation, AMAC will require the Operations and Maintenance Director, Accounting, Human Resources, Department Directors, Regional Managers and Project Managers to meet at least monthly with the President.


Municipality Project Name Units
Aguada Manuel Egipciaco 100
Aguada Jardines de Aguada 70
Aguada Los Robles 62
Aguadilla José Agustín Aponte 300
Aguadilla Agustín Stahl 400
Aguadilla Juan García Ducós 200
Aguadilla Bernardino Villanueva 252
Aguadilla Cuesta Vieja 200
Aguadilla Villamar Apts. 84
Aguadilla La Montaña 220
Aguadilla Las Muñecas 200
Aguadilla Puesta del Sol 100
Isabela Alturas de Isabela 104
Isabela Jardines del Noroeste 98
Moca José N. Gándara 74
Moca La Cruz 68
Rincón Santa Rosa 74
San Sebastián Hacienda San Andrés 150
Isabela Vistas de Isabela I 33
Isabela Vistas de Isabela II 95
Arecibo Ext. Zeno Gandía 444
Arecibo Ramón Marín Solá 200
Lares Colinas del Expreso 20
Arecibo Antonio Márquez Arbona 180
Arecibo Bella Vista 150
Arecibo Villa de los Santos II 150
Arecibo Villa de los Santos I 100
Hatillo Agustín Ruíz Miranda 80
Hatillo Oscar Colón Delgado 60
Quebradillas Revdo. Francisco Vigo Salas 100
Quebradillas Guarionex 100
San Germán El Recreo 300
San Germán  Manuel F. Rossy 101
Sabana Grande José Castillo Mercado 148

12 Municipalities
34 Projects
5,017 Total Units

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